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Roboterarm (mit Greifern)

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Parallel Gripper

The Parallel Gripper gives the operator the greater ability to retrieve fragile, flat as well as other uniquely shaped objects that may be difficult to grasp. Suitable for a range of underwater adventures and archaeological expeditions, salvage items and treasures with precision and ease.



Compact, Rugged & Functional

The small but powerful robotic arm delivers a clamping and towing force of 100N, is capable of retrieving large and heavy objects and is beneficial across a wide range of applications.


Superior Power & Precision

FIFISH’s robotic arm the operational concepts of compact ROVs. Drag, drop, tow, and salvage objects with the neutrally buoyant robotic arm and rugged tether cable. Operate with stable & precise control, with an optimal viewing zone.



Boost Your Underwater Capabilities

With an additional pair of durable flat grippers, objects of all shapes and sizes -whether flat, curved or angled- can be retrieved and recovered with ease.




Inside the Box

  *Quick Start Guide Included*




Depth Rating 100m
Maximum Power Consumption 2A@12V
Input Voltage 9V-13V DC
Maximum Clamping Force 100N
Operation Temperature -10 to 60℃
Maximum Grip Dimension 120mm
Claw Two Fingers
Communication UART
Buoyancy System Neutral Buoyancy
Versions Available 2.0 Port & 4.0 Port
Max Grip Strength 10Kg
Which FIFISH ROV model is the add-on tool compatible with?

This add-on tool is compatible with the following FIFISH Underwater Robots:

  • – FIFISH V6s